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From time to time we receive questions as to who has created which version of "Model for Effects of Toxic and Flammable Gases"  (short MET), in particular MET® for Windows. MET® in MEMPLEX®, the MET-booklet (MET Support) and MET in the book "Gefahrgut-Ersteinsatz". Here is the answer to this question:

  • All software-products under the trademark-name MET (since 1996), such as MET for Windows or MET in MEMPLEX have been developed by ISi Technologie GmbH. ISi Technologie GmbH is a company owned by Prof.Dr.Peter Bützer and Dr. Ivo Silvestri.
  • The MET Tables have been calculated using the MET model. Prof. Peter Bützer is the licence holder for the book version (not electronic). The tables can be found e.g. in the book "Gefahrgut-Ersteinsatz" by Dr. Nüssler.
The History of MET

In the 80s, Prof. Dr. Peter Bützer worked as a chemical consultant in St. Gallen, Switzerland. On the morning of the Feast of Ascension in 1984, at 3am, he received a phone call from the fire department. There was a fire in a chemical plant in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley. Based on this experience he started to develop a model, at first for his own use only, in order to be able to quickly evaluate the risks posed by chemical accidents. His useful tools quickly drew the attention of others:

  • In 1985 his first guide was introduced as a guideline for chemical consultants in the St. Gallen district.
  • in 1987 it was introduced to about 100 experts in a special AC training course in Spiez.
  • Consequently it was distributed to the other Swiss districts. It was tested by physicists, chemists and toxicology experts of Ciba-Geigy. 
  • 1996 First Windows Version of MET developed by Dr. Ivo Silvestri and Prof. Dr. Peter Bützer.
  • 1998 Licensing of the MET-Module to Keudel av-Technik GmbH for integration with the dangerous substances data bank MEMPLEX.
  • 2000 inclusion in the book "Gefahrgut-Ersteinsatz" by Dr. Hans-Dieter Nüssler.
  • 2012 New version MET in Tables with inclusion of dispersion via surface puddle evaporation.
  • 2012 MET for Windows 4.8 new also in English.
  • 2013 MET for Windows 5.0
  • 2014 MET for Windows 5.5

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