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The digital map-module ISiMap, by means of the use of pixel tiles, allows for the quick representation of geographical pixellated maps and can project vector information onto the map. 

ISiMap is the integrated geographical map module in MET. it allows for the display of the danger zone on the geographical map. MET-scenarios can be stored directly on the map. 

In addition, objects can be displayed on the map, for example borders, fire hydrants, risk factors, etc. Different files can be attached to different objects, e.g. blue prints, photos, instructions, etc.

With a click on an object a script can be opened (Windows Scripting Host), which runs a different application. The ISiMap-map module can be run from an external program, too. 

  • Allows for geographical pixel or Openstreetmap maps to be shown. Every map can be made available in different scales, stored in a group of maps.
  • Within a group of maps the change from scale to scale is possible without change of place.
  • Every map can be zoomed: 10%, 20%,...,100%, 200%, 400%
  • The following vectors can be added, shown, and erased: ellipse, circle, polygon, rectangle, MET-scenario, symbol and text.
  • By double clicking on a stored MET-scenario it can be opened and the dander zones are made visible. Wind directions can be set by rotating an arrow symbol.
  • Vectors (except MET-scenarios) can be bundled. Every bundle can appear several times on a map.  
  • Vectors are administered on levels, which can be made visible or invisible, open to editing or protected. 
  • Those vectors, which are objects, can have photos, blue prints, pdf-files etc, attributed to them.
  • An object can have a script (vbscript, Windows Scripting Host) attached to it, which gets activated by double-click, e.g. to run an external program. 
  • ISiMap can be run via an external program. 
  • Levels can be exported or imported.
  • A ruler can be called up on screen. 
  • A marked part of the map can be printed out. 
  • If Google Earth is installed und the ISiMap-map is geo-referenced, a place can be shown via the context menu in Google Earth.
  • The Module shows maps in ISiMap-formate.
  • The maps can be geo-referenced with a metrical system of coordinates. 
  • The maximum size of a pixellated map is limited to  2'147'483'648 x 2'147'483'648 pixels. 

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